Essential Gear for Long Range Shooting

Long-range shooting is one of the most difficult shots to take. You need to shoot a target miles away and have the highest precision. The shots are difficult because of the distance, weather elements, and gears involved.

At short distances, aiming and shooting at targets is pretty easy. However, at long ranges, the bullet drops due to gravity and one must adjust sights to cater for the drop. These are just a few of the factors that affect long-range shooting.

If you’re interested in long-range shooting, then you need specific gear for effective training. Below, I’ll discuss all the essential gear for long-range shooting.

 A MOA rifle

Not any rifle will work for long-range shooting. First, you need a MOA (Minute Of Angle) rifle at the minimum. After all, you’re not going to shoot without a rifle.

Most modern rifles feature some of the best features that offer precise shooting at long ranges. A rifle with a MOA features a unit that measures 1 inch at 100 yards. This means, shooters at long ranges of 1000 yards will have 10 MOA.

When the conditions are ideal a shooter will have the bullet hit within a 10-inch circle. A MOA rifle is a must for effective long-range shooting. This is a purpose-built rifle designed to meet the conditions of long-range shooting.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good MOA rifle. There are pretty affordable options in the market to consider.

A shooting bag

Even before you start gathering the necessary gears, you need a sturdy and durable shooting bag to store all your gears. The ideal bag should be waterproof and versatile. You need a bag you can place virtually anywhere without any worries.

The bag should also be easy to assemble and carry. You don’t want a pretty heavy bag that you can’t carry into the woods for hunting.

Solid rests

Next, you need solid rests that can stabilize your rifle when shooting. Shooting sticks on the front of the rifle ensure stability. The last thing you want is a gun moving when aiming at long distances.

You can also consider bipods depending on what’s available and what works for you. If you’re shooting when lying flat, you’re going to require shooting mats. The mats provide a clean surface for you to lie and set up your rifle.

As for the rear of the rifle, you can use a sandbag or a shooting bag. Stability is quite essential for every long-range shot taken. Make sure you invest in quality and solid rests for the most precise shots.

Targeting Scope & Reticle

A targeting scope is everything when it comes to long-range precision. You need a quality targeting scope with MOA adjustable turrets. A quality scope will help you sight your gun and zero in on your targets. There is no second-guessing on this.

The scope should come with a targeting reticle. Even standard hunting rifles can become precise at long ranges when you employ quality optics. You need a scope where turrets can adjust and move the reticle accordingly.

You can choose different reticles from Mil to MOA depending on what works for you. I prefer reticles with horizontal hash marks for easy tuning and precision. Such reticles work for most shooters allowing you to hold right or left.

If you need to adjust elevation, the reticles also feature vertical marks for easy adjustments.

Accurate ammo

With a rifle in place, you need pretty accurate ammo. Different rifles work best with specific ammo. It’s not something you just buy and start shooting. You need to experiment during practice and find the best ammo for your rifle.

For long-range shooting, you need quality ammo with excellent consistency from one cartridge to the next. Not every ammo is ideal for long-range shooting.

If you want the best results, consider match-grade ammo that is manufactured to the highest standards. For hunters looking to have a clean kill, consider Ammos with effective terminal damage.


A rangefinder is also essential when you want accurate target distance. As I mentioned earlier, with long-range shooting, there is no second-guessing. You need to be sure of the exact target rifle distance. This is the only way to ensure precise shots.

Consider a range finder that can provide an accurate distance to your target. This is the only way you can compensate for any bullet drop.

Ballistic app

Lastly, you might require a ballistic app to make calculations a lot easier. Matching the bullet angles and curves can be pretty difficult. You can get help from a ballistic app. 

Most old-school shooters will use a booklet where they keep a log of their shooting. However, most modern shooters can opt for a ballistic app to store any information on the field.

Some advanced ballistic apps even measure the surrounding temperature and wind conditions. This further enhances your shooting accuracy.

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