Zimmerman Arms™ is a family owned and operated business located in Prescott Arizona. We are committed to bringing exceptional innovative products to the firearms community. “Strength, Honor, and Innovation” is not just our slogan, but also a summary of our life’s philosophy.

Zimmerman Arms™ mission is to be a pillar of strength in our community by offering exceptional innovative products along with a commitment to honor our God, family, friends, and customers by offering service and a company culture second to none.

Zimmerman Arms™ is not affiliated or in partnership with any other firearms or firearms parts manufacturer.

Our objective is to utilize high quality components. Zimmerman Arms™ customers have been exceptionally pleased with our tactical 10/22 receivers. In a customer’s first “eyes on” experience with this new receiver concept, the first response is one of amazement because they have never seen anything like this before and the second is the comment, “well it is about time somebody did this!”

The other components used in assembling our tactical 10/22 rifles are subject to change depending on customer preference and/or experience with any particular component. Customer feedback is paramount in these cases and we should be contacted immediately.

This is strictly a family owned business. No big money backers. No partnerships with other firearms manufacturers. The family member that maintains most of this web site is not in Prescott, Arizona but lives in Montana and works out on the prairie – only time for the web site is in the evenings. “Strength, Honor, and Innovation” really is our life’s philosophy. It is hard work bringing a new product to the firearms community – but some things just have to be done especialy when it is the “right” thing.